I have always been interested in crafts from when I was young up to now, the difference being that now I am retired I have more time to dedicate to them.
I always used to knit school jumpers for my children and friend's children but, as is usual with children, they grew up and the idea of a jumper knitted for them by Mum did not appeal so I stopped for many years.
I stopped smoking in 2006 and as a result needed something to do with my hands so started to knit baby clothes for friends, who really loved them and I received a lot of compliments for the items. This passion has now grown and I now knit every day and my hoard has grown.
A little while after this I wanted to move on to something else which is where the beaded jewellery came in. 
I find the whole process of creating jewellery, from a thought about a piece of jewellery to choosing the colours and beads that will make it up and then to the finished article, very relaxing and sometimes whole days can disappear without me realising. It is so satisfying to put the care and attention into a piece and then to see the end product.
Now that I am retired I find that my jewellery making has taken off rapidly and that I have a huge number of pieces that I have made, and I also have a hoard of knitted baby clothes which convinced my that it was now time to open a shop to sell my treasures to others who appreciate all things woolly and beady which is why I decided to open my EKM shop.

Hand Crafted Beads & Yarn